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The subtle difference

Precision stamping - the subtle difference

Precision on the assembly line

Progressive stamping - precision on the assembly line

Progressive stamping at Hänggi.

Stamping parts of Hänggi Stanztechnik

Your reliable stamping specialist for more than 50 years

Your development partner for all the types of stampings you require. Let us impress you with our stamping technology.

Innovation alone is not enough to satisfy the markets of today and tomorrow. Short reaction times, development, realization and effective quality management all require an intensive and trusting cooperation between customer and supplier.

Our strength is the ability to communicate clearly and constructively with customers in order to develop and realize projects.

Hänggi Stanztechnik is looking forward to convincing you that we are equipped for the future and can therefore be a reliable partner for your company.

Development and tool making

Development, design and tool making are carried out in-house using the most modern technology (CAD/CAM).


The possibilities in the field of progressive stamping are endless. We process stamping materials including coils and strips from a thickness of 0.05 mm.


In the field of microstamping our development work and extensive production experience over many years has made us one of the market leaders worldwide.


Hänggi Stanztechnik is a reliable supplier and offers innovative and economic solutions for progressive stamping, microstamping, precision cutting and forming.

Precision stamping

Precision stampings up to a thickness of 10 mm are a like a work of art produced in series and also our specialty.

We stamp with a tonnage capacity of up to 250 metric tons.


Modern and economic manufacturing processes are designed to include as many complete assemblies as possible during production of the finished article.